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We have woodworker, what is Wood Craftworks? An online mall where fellow woodworkers can sell their crafts and reap the rewards of their trade. The website will be geared toward the consumer and the purchase of products supplied by the woodworkers, otherwise referred to as “vendors.” How does it work for me as a woodworker/vendor? By signing up and becoming a vendor, you have the ability to place your products online and available for sale via a simple online interface. You control your own products through the use of pictures, description, and price.

You inventory can be actual or virtual. Actual inventory are goods that you can fulfill (ship) upon order receipt, virtual inventory are goods that must be crafted and then fulfilled. All transactions are handled through our payment gateway and administered by Wood Craftworks, Inc. A customer is sold a good by Wood Craftworks, Inc. which in turn pays you, the vendor, upon verification of order fulfillment. All goods are categorized by you as a vendor. All memberships come with the ability to add unlimited products and there are no limits (minimum or maximum) to the amount of sales you can conduct. Monthly membership dues will be subtracted from amount of sales before Wood Craftworks, Inc. pays you.

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If membership dues are not met through your sales, your credit card will be charged for the difference (or full membership dues in the case of no sales). Payments to vendors will be handled one time per month with payment issued by check. Responsibility is on you as a vendor for taxes on any additional income you may generate by conducting your woodcrafts business. How much does it cost? Wood Craftworks will launch with three available vendor membership options: Standard membership (approximately $10 – $20 per month) – Products will be carried in a global standard online catalog which will display all active products from all vendors.

Products are treated as individual goods and available to the consumer through browsing and product searches.Workshop membership (approximately $15 to $25 per month) – Standard membership features still exists but in addition a vendor will also be able to display their products within their own workshop. The workshop will allow you to display all of your products together to build interest for your potential customers.

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Each of your products will automatically include a “view my workshop” link which, when clicked, takes a user to a set of pages that only shows your products.Custom workshop membership (approximately $15 to $25 per month PLUS one-time custom design charge) – The custom workshop membership includes all standard and workshop membership features while adding a custom built unique graphic design and URL (http://www.your-workshop-name.com for example). Additionally, when users visit your custom workshop they will not be able to browse products supplied by other vendors.

This membership effectively becomes a custom branded dedicated site for you and your products. In addition to all membership dues there will be a 3% to 5% commission on all sales. When will the Wood Craftworks website be available? The Wood Craftworks site will be ready to launch during the 2004 year. What can I do in the meantime? How can I stay informed? If you are interested in the progress of Wood Craftworks and would like to be contacted as membership rates are locked in and features become available, or simply have any questions or comments, please send an email to .