UHF(Ultra High Frequency)

UHF  (  Ultra  High  Frequency  )  is  a  system  used  in  the  applications where  long distance access card and sticker detection  is  required.  UHF  technology  is  used  in  the  barrier automation Systems.  Standalone  UHF  OGS  is  an  economical  system,    where    there  is  no  need  for  extra  remote  control,  button    or  a  security guard to open the barrier. Standalone UHF OGS has two options as 6 and 12 meters of  detecting  distance.      Before  the  cards  and  stickers  are  delivered  to  the  users,  they  are  registered  to  the  uhf  antenna.    The  sticker  is  sticked  on  the  front  glass  in  a  clearly  visible  position.    When  the  car  approaches  to  the  UHF  antenna,  it  detects  the  sticker  or  the  card.  It  communicates  with  the  reader  and  sends  the  open  commend  to  the  barrier.    If  the  sticker  or  the  card  is  not  registered  to  the  antenna  before,  the  barrier  does  not  open. The  cards  and  stickers  are  registered  to  the  antenna  in  two different ways. In the first way, the card or sticker is brought close to the antenna. There is a red button next to the antenna ; while pressing this button, first the adding card  is  shown  to  the  antenna.  After  that,  unregistered  cards  are  shown  to  the  antenna  one  by  one.  Deleting  a  card  or  sticker  from  the  system  is  done  with  the  same  procedure;  first  showing  the  delete  card,  then  showing  the cards to be deleted. In the second way ; if the card or sticker to be deleted is lost , or if the access right of any car is going to be cancelled, then the card can be deleted through the software. The  standalone  software  is  used  only  for  adding  or  deleting  the  cards.  The  software  is  installed  in  the  computer  and  the  computer  is  brought  close  to  the  antenna.  When the cards are added to the antenna with adding card, they will appear on the software.  If the id of any card in the software is deleted, then the related card will no longer be authorized for entrance through the barrier. The  package  of  6  &  12  meter  UHF  reader  includes  mounting  part,  add  and  delete  manager  cards  and  UHF  antenna.  The  antenna  pole,  barrier  and  barrier  accessories are offered as an option. In case of power cut, the system can keep working in standard mode if it is connected to a UPS. Standalone UHF  OGS  can  be  used  in  car  parks,  residential   buildings,   private   and   public   areas,   universities, hospitals and all similar locations.