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Inside and out, houses exude warmth that Tran¬scends the nature of their materials. Why some of his houses feel warm is obvious—he’s been known to line a home’s interior with wood on nearly every surface. A preferred wood for Peter is clear Douglas fir finished with satin polyurethane that glows, like a flame, with the littlest bit of light. World best interior designing service Other homes are constructed with rough concrete, metal connections, and sheet metal sheathing, industrial materials all, yet as Peter assembles and details them, they take on the same warmth as their wood counterparts.

The best way to describe how he accomplishes this is to refer to agricultural buildings. Farmers have rarely been shy about using crude or industrial materials to build the structures they need, such as grain silos, milking barns, and storage sheds. As these structures have aged, they have blended into the agricultural landscape, coming to look as natural as the crops and the livestock. Peter uses these same materials in ways that recall their practical and unpretentious application by farmers. They initially appear to have been chosen mostly just to get the job done, but the final result is enchanting.